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The Finish Line

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Congratulations to Jenny who completed the London Marathon in under 4h – crossing the finish line in 3h 59 m 40 s  – which is a brilliant time.

We would like to thank all of the supporters of Jenny Long, who so generously donated to our project on fungal lung infections. The money will be used to start a programme of research to understand any genetic links between tyrosine kinases in airways cells and aspergillus infections- why do some people get ABPA and not others

Here are some photos from the 26.2 mile trip! View Jenny's marathon stats here.

finish line



jenny at start            jenny on route        

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Latest news

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Really nice run this weekend (especially in the sunshine) but I'm starting to feel the nerves now! Just under two weeks to go until the big day. 

This means I'm tapering down the distances and trying to prevent any injuries! Thank you so much for all of the generous donations.

If you want to see how the mushroom hat was made – or make one yourself-  its now on YouTube here.

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Only 18 days to go !

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I thought I would share this video that was taken in my local park – I have this amazing hat designed along the theme of a giant mushroom/toadstool. So I went for a jog in my local park to try it out ! I certainly got lots of attention – I am hoping I will get lots of attention and publicity on the day too. We need to tell people about LIFE threatening fungal infections – how they spread from the lungs – and how the FIT wants to raise enough money for this genetic study – to research why some people may be more susceptible than others.

Take a look at the video of my hat; if you feel like making your own-  the hat designer has made a "How to " video as well!